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    BGP Data Providers (for NetPath)


      Howdy. I am trying to get an idea where to find a list of "BGP Data Providers" so I know what to allow in our firewall for NetPath. Strangely, the Solarwinds documentation that I have for NetPath is kind of vague:


      BGP data providers and announcements, such as:



      It gives 2 examples, but alludes to the fact that there are others ("such as"). I know that there are more because after applying rules for the above, we still see denies on TCP/43 for other IP addresses. Part of the problem is that all of those attempts are filling up our Windows application logs.


      Please forgive my ignorance, but how am I supposed to know what the Solarwinds Devs have coded the application to hit? :-) I have already googled it with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.