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    What SQL syntax is required to filter specific nodes (by Caption) from displaying in a High Errors & Discards Widget?


      I built a Group-based View that only shows port errors and discards on equipment physically located in a data center.


      That equipment includes firewalls, and it's their JOB to discard traffic that doesn't match ACLs, so the firewalls' ACL discards are causing false alerts.


      There's an Edit function in the Widget/Resource, and I've successfully used simple SQL syntax to filter out devices from displaying in a different Nodes Down resource.  I figured it would work here, too.


      So I focused on part of the firewall's Caption that's unique and built my little filter like this:


      Well, THAT doesn't work.


      I've tried a half-dozen other permutations and can't find one to filter out items based on parts of the nodes' captions.


      What should I do to correctly filter out these firewalls from displaying in this Widget?





      Rick Schroeder