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    Custom Property created for Groups (as Object) not shown in Reporting


      Hi All,


      We have Orion Platform 2017.3.5 SP5 and NPM 12.2. We have created custom properties for Nodes and Groups.


      We have created Group_Name with Object as Nodes and Group_Email with Object as Groups. These 2 are mandatory fields when adding a device into Solarwinds. The group email field has value with all the required email-ids, where the email notifications or reports to be sent.

      When I wanted to create a custom report on Node, Group_Name and Group_Email, I could get 2 fields (Node and Group_Name) in the report. When I searched for Group_Email, it was not showing in search as well to add as a column (output field). When I tried to look for Groups category from ORION OBJECT, does not exist. I see other categories like Alerts, Application, etc. But, not the Groups.


      I think this is a bug in 12.2 version. Please correct my understanding and help me out to get the Group_Email in my report. Also, when I search for Group_Email, it takes hell lot of time and won't show up.


      Please advise. Thank you.