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    Web Help Desk Status Types


      I've been asked to change the Pending status to show Processing but I have a couple of questions about this.


      If I change the status type Pending to show Processing, does this automatically change the status for all tickets currently being shown as Pending to now show Processing?


      If we have any action rules for a client update to change to the status to Pending, will this change automatically to show Processing, or do we have to recreate the action rule using Processing?


      Currently running on version 12.5.2 - Build #

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          This is simply a name change. As long as you don't delete and create a new one.

          I have "renamed" Status types on our WHD installation (, and the changes get automatically propagated throughout the system, including Tickets.


          Believe it or not, I made a status type name change today.


          Note: After you have made the change, you (all techs and all clients) will need to logout and login again for the changes to appear. I would advise to make this change out of hours to avoid any confusion.




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