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      Hi All,


      I have upgraded recently NPM 12.2 but I am not getting ASA Node View like below. can you please suggest?


          If you have recently upgraded NPM to 12.x but are not getting ASA Node View, follow these steps.


          Go the setting page and locate the Views by Device type link




          Locate the ASA object type in the list and under the nodes, select a Web view, select the "Node Details for ASA - Summary" view


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            Good advice (above). 


            But don't forget to enable the "secret sauce" option that lets you get LOADS more information from you ASA's:


            Go into any ASA in NPM, then edit that node.


            Just past half-way down the page, look for "Cisco ASA"  and put a check in the Advanced Cisco ASA Monitoring box.



            Then add the credentials for Solarwinds to log into the ASA and get information about ACLs and VPN tunnels and more.


            Click Test and verify it works.


            Then click Submit at the bottom of the node's page.


            And remember--you can ALSO do this for ALL ASA's simultaneously.  Write if you need to see how to do this for multiple nodes at the same time.