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    Upgrade NPM with Engineer's Toolset Desktop




      Is it possible to upgrade Network Performance Monitor (NPM) within Engineer's ToolSet (ETS). 


      I'm currently running ETS V11.0.5.55 and it appears that it has NPM version 10.10.208 and it does not have all the support for devices like Palo Alto.


      Is there a list of tool versions within ETS, ie if I was to upgrade to ETS 11.6 would it also update NPM?

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          Mark Roberts

          NPM and ETS are two separate applications. There is an integration installer that allows you to install the ETS Web function into the Orion NPM (and all other Orion modules) web interface.


          The web integration installer is bundled in the ETS installation file pack. Install this against your Orion installation to allow the integration to work. You are advised to upgrade both to latest versions, for many reasons, but assured compatibility is the main.