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    SAM: Trying to understand why an alert didn't send an email


      Good afternoon all,


      I must start by stating I am a complete SolarWinds noob, and am completely overwhelmed when attempting to look into this issue.


      The problem: At 6:40am, a service on a server apparently wasn't running however no one was notified of the issue.


      My questions:


      1. When looking at the Application Summary for the specific service I'm attempting to investigate, is there a way in here that I can see the specific error that it is supposed to trigger if conditions are met?
      2. Should I be looking at SolarWinds Orion, and the Alerting system as two separate products that are loosely connected?
      3. For Advanced Monitoring, if the time is set between 3am and 2:30am, would that cause the alarm to not trigger?
      4. For the applications, where is the list of components obtained for things that you can monitor?
      5. Is there a way to see if an alert should've been triggered, and if so which alert specifically?


      I apologize for my questions being all over the place. I'm investigating this at the same time as typing this out, so my questions are typing by the minute. Thanks for any and all help you can provide. If you have any questions, I will do the best I can to answer them.