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    SNMP v WMI - Drive Space Monitoring/Alerting

    martian monster

      This maybe a dumb question that somehow I overlooked.  I have a Group of servers that all are set to WMI for monitoring and I have a disk alert to send out an email if it goes over 80%.  One of these servers is using SNMP and I need to use SNMP for it to monitor an application on it which works fine.  The problem is with SNMP the node is not getting its drive monitored - the problem is I can't flip the node to WMI because then the Application will stop monitoring because it is SNMP.  I tried setting up a new custom SAM module but it won't work I am stuck on SNMP.  What am I missing here?  And if there are some reading materials around this that would be great as well.  Thanks  -Dave (and sorry if this sounds like such a basic question that I should know the answer to)