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    Monitoring Per User Resource Consumption


      Hi Everyone,

      Recently some of our clients have been having issues with particular user having programs go rogue and start consuming more than they should or creating more processes that cause excessive resource usage on their Remote Desktop Services Servers (or Remote Apps Server). This got me thinking how can I stay ahead of the curve on issues similar to this should they re-occur; Is there something in the Solarwind RMM or other modules that could provide alerts for resource consumption thresholds based on per user usage?


      Look Forward to seeing everyone's contributions and ideas on this.




      P.S - I could probably make a script to do this in some manner however if there is something more reliable or robust out there or even already made that would be awesome. After all the number one rule for development and IT - DON'T REMAKE THE WHEEL. Or at least that's what I've been taught.