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    Report Duplication Woes (duplication over-writing all previous content)


      So I was trying to build a report that would print out a list of devices that did not match the current code levels for the code we've evaluated and recommended for prod.  I was basing this off of a previous report I had built that listed all devices by type and by image levels.  Now I ran into trouble, or should I say hours of wasted work, when I found out that everytime I was duplicating a content section and then changing the content to match a specific device type, Solarwinds was then going back and changing all of the previous content sections that I had duplicated from to match what I had just created.  Which is not what I wanted.  Here's some screen shots of what I'm talking about.


      Here's the report I was trying to build.  I wanted a section of the report for each device type on my network (e.g. 2960X, 3560X, 6880X, etc).  I built the 2960X section, ran the preview and all looked good.  From there I duplicated that, and changed the content to match the new device type.



      When I got further along and I did another preview, I then noticed that all sections were displaying content for whichever was the last section that I did.



      As you can see here, all sections are showing data for the last section I did (68xx).



      Here's the content I was trying to get.  This one obviously was the one I built last for 68XX, and having the report display anything that didn't match a specific IOS version.


      Why is every section now showing the same data?  What use is the duplication button if it's only going to allow me to show the exact same data and not a modification of the previous data?

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          "Data source" is a unique object, you might, for example, want to use the same source for a report and a chart.  For each time you want a different list of objects you have to create it as a new datasource.  Sucks when you stumble across things the hard way.  I think it would probably be more a bit better if it behaved the way you expected where each resource was separate, you can check if there is already a feature request for that.