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    How to know top 10 or top running processes/services in a windows server so that I can implement SAM component monitor on them?




      I am trying to implement component monitors or application monitors on the processes running on a set of servers. However, when I see real-time process explorer, each server has more than 60 to 80 process running simultaneously, out of which only 2-3 processes are using CPU. I cannot implement on all 60-80 processes as it will be not required and too time consuming and at the same time, I do not want to implement monitor on just 2 or 3 processes as I feel that is too less of monitoring.


      I am confused as to

      1. How do I derive the top 10 or 20 running process among all of them?
      2. Is there any option in Solarwinds which I can use to derive top 10 running processes?


      Any help will be highly appreciated.