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    Netpath question around probe interval



      If I have a Netpath created and the probe interval is set to 10 minutes, does this mean that the probe is running constantly for 10 minutes to learn the paths?  If that's the case, what is presented in the web interface?  Is that the results of the paths learned during that timeframe?  I assumed that was the case, but I wanted to ask.

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          We stop polling when we think we have all the paths in an interval.  If we think we have all the paths in 3 minutes, we stop polling then instead of continuing for the rest of the 7 minutes in a 10 minute default polling interval.


          NetPath needs to pretty consistently find all of the paths in each interval to be able to show a sane picture of how paths are changing.  If you only discovered 75% of the paths in each interval, then every interval would report a lot of path changes that aren't really true.  To do that, NetPath uses an algorithm to determine how much of the paths we've found; something we call "PathCompletion".  We have this value for every interval for every path.  To save resources though, we stop trying to find more paths after we reach a certain PathCompletion percentage.  By default, it's 95% completion.  If an interval does not reach 95%, a warning is shown since the data may not be reliable.  You should rarely see this warning.  In any case, this gives us pretty fine grained visibility and control.

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