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    Interface Alert for two Nodes sharing same link


      i have interface alerts turned but when it comes to interfaces that are connecting two nodes, i get two alerts. One for each nodes interface that goes down.


      For example.


      Node 1, interface gi1/1 is connected to Node 2 gi1/1


      When there is a problem with the link that is shared between Node 1 and Node 2, I get two alerts. To make matters worse, I am using the ServiceNow integration feature so I also get two incident tickets open when its really only one event that took place.


      Is there any way for an alert to know that the interfaces that are down are part of a common link? 


      Dependencies groups is out of the question here because i have over a thousand nodes and exponentially more interfaces. It would be great if i can somehow leverage the Layer 2 awareness that solarwinds has built in to make this possible.

      Also, i really don't want to stop monitoring one side because then i will loose important interface stats.


      Anyone solve this?