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    Pollers table causing Database Maintenance dbm_Pollers_DeleteOrphans procedure to fail


      Good afternoon!


      I'm seeing an issue with the dbm_Pollers_DeleteOrphans stored procedure.  The second delete statement is failing because there is a group of sequential pollers in the Pollers table with NetObject set to N:None and another sequential group set to N: .  As the procedure is trying to CAST(SUBSTRING(NetObject, 3, 10) AS int), it's failing each and every time.  Anyone have any idea how a set of pollers could've been created with a NetObjectID of 0 and NetObject N:None?  Are these safe to delete?


      Stored Procedure Delete Query

      DELETE FROM Pollers

      WHERE (SUBSTRING(NetObject, 1, 1) = 'N')

        AND (

      CAST(SUBSTRING(NetObject, 3, 10) AS int) IN (SELECT NodeId FROM DeletedNodes)


      CAST(SUBSTRING(NetObject, 3, 10) AS int) NOT IN (SELECT NodeID FROM Nodes)



      Query to Discover CAST errors

      SELECT [PollerID]






      FROM [MHNetPerfMon].[dbo].[Pollers]

      WHERE SUBSTRING(NetObject, 1, 1) = 'N'

      AND ISNUMERIC(SUBSTRING(NetObject, 3, 10)) = 0


      Output of Discovery Query


      Thanks in advance for any assistance!

      Jack Vaughan, Jr.

      Systems Monitoring Engineer