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    Cisco UCS in NPM


      How are you guys getting SNMP polling to work with NPM? I can only get the status only ICMP to work and then the UCS manager credentials works as well. In UCS under admin -> communication services -> communication services and the SNMP area I have admin state enabled. The port is default at 161 For the community/username I made a string and saved it. Then in SNMP traps I have the ip of my solarwinds server set the same community/username as above the port is 162 and version is v2c and type is traps.


      In solarwinds I have SNMP version as v2c, SNMP port at 161 (I tried 162 as well) I have allow 64-bit counters checked. For Community string I entered the same string I had in ucs but when I hit test it fails. I then put the community string and the same string for read/write community string and it fails. I have no idea why its not working.