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    NCM - Remove Windows servers and PCs NCM licensed




      I'm new in NCM. We backup our switch configurations. I had few hundreds of PC/Serveurs licensed with NCM, but there's no config taken from them.


      I remove them all and the day after I had some of them come back NCM licensed. I see that we have a Network Sonar Discovery that scan a vlan where service PC (always on and monitored).


      How can I remove them from NCM in the discovery?



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          There are 3 options under the NCM Licensed dropdown on node properties. Yes, No and Never. If you use Never it will not get added back by a network discovery. You want to set this under edit properties on all the devices where you do not want to backup the configs or a config does exist due to device type.


          I typically go to Manage nodes and sort by Vendor. Then I add the NCM Licensed column. Then I sort by Yes for example on NCM Licensed filtered by vendor equals Windows. I select Everything set to NO or Yes and click on edit properties on 40 windows server for example. I then change the NCM Licensed to Never. You do have to be careful when selecting nodes as it sometimes won't let if you selected a mix of Polling methods. Try to do all the WMI nodes together and SNMP nodes together etc.


          I hope this help.

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