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    Updating from 12.2.x to 12.5.2 - Preserve historic tickets


      Hey Thwack!


      I'm currently in the midst of a planned upgrade from an older WHD version to the newest currently available. I've got a question about archiving old tickets, and keeping that archive still searchable and managable. We're moving to a net new build and only pulling over our Clients & Locations from LDAP, no other data will be moved over.


      Do we export the tickets to a SQL database? Will that database only be searchable by those with access/people who know how to use it?

      Can we use Excel or Access to make it a searchable file to be given to our techs individually?


      What would be the best option moving forward here?



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          Export to excel is rather limited, as you would loose things like attachments and history.


          One suggestion is to use the a free version of WHD, and connect your old database to this new instance installation. Although you would only have 1 admin tech available (unless you purchase additional licenses), but you can setup location client admins, so they can search for tickets within the client interface if you didn't won't to shared the admin tech account.