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    Nodes with Mute Alerts set still alerting?


      Has anyone else run into this? I've got a whole pile of servers that I'm monitoring up/down status on via ICMP.


      I've built a custom property called 'Alert_Policy' and am using that to tie specific servers to specific...well...alert policies. Like letting specific departments know if one of their servers is down, that sort of thing. The alert is pretty simple - if alert_policy = X and server is down for more than Y minutes, send an alert to group Z (depending on which value is set for Alert_Policy); However, it seems like simple muting alerts on a node isn't enough to keep the alerts from coming out.


      So I set Mute Alerts on Server A. Server A goes offline, and X minutes later it sends an e-mail to group Z, even though the node is muted.


      Is this a bug, or do I just not understand how mute alerts works?