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    AppInsights for IIS Installation on Node issue

    martian monster

      Let's try this here since support is not working this week.


      1. Node is currently in SW with working WMI credentials.

      2. I went through and manually ran the powershell commands on the server.

      3. When I go to test the connection for AppInsights it fails.

      4. If I go through and 'rediscover' the node a handful of parts of the AppInsights for IIS will load but nothing else will.

      5. I installed the Solarwinds Agent on the server thinking that would help no go.

      6. These servers have their own SSL's from GoDaddy on them. 


      Additional questions  -


      1.Where are the logs for when this fails? I am trying to figure out why but I can't find where the logs are located for installation failures.

      2. Besides this one server I am having the same issue on 2 other ones - I know I am missing something stupid easy but can't figure out what.


      Thanks! - Dave