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    MRV Optiswitch 904 template


      I am having problems with my MRV optiswitch backing up in solarwinds.

      After entering enable mode the correct commands for showing configs are: show running-config and show startup-config

      Now I can confirm I am able to connect to the devices from solarwinds with my credentials that I put into SolarWinds and confirm those commands are correct.

      When I run the task to backup the running config I get an Error of  "Connectivity issues, discarding configuration (or configuration is too short)


      Does anyone have a Template I can try to use for MRV optipswitch 904

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          Hi ryhlen.schoeberl


          Try that should work on MRV 910 on telnet /SSH backup



          <Configuration-Management Device="MRV910" SystemOID=" ">


              <Command Name="ALLOCATEPTY" Value="True" />

              <Command Name="MENUBASED" Value="False" />

              <Command Name="RESET" Value="*" />

              <Command Name="DOWNLOADCONFIG" Value="show running-config" />



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              Found this one and it works perfectly thank you


              <Configuration-Management Device="MRV Device" SystemOID="">


                      <Command Name="RESET" value="${CRLF}"/>

                      <Command Name="Reboot" Value="reboot"/>

                      <Command Name="EnterConfigMode" Value="config terminal"/>

                      <Command Name="ExitConfigMode" Value="end"/>

                      <Command Name="Startup" Value="startup-config"/>

                      <Command Name="Running" Value="running-config"/>

                      <Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="show ${ConfigType}"/>

                      <Command Name="UploadConfig" Value="${EnterConfigMode}${CRLF}${ConfigText}${CRLF}${ExitConfigMode}"/>

                      <Command Name="EraseConfig" Value="write erase${CRLF}Yes"/>

                      <Command Name="SaveConfig" Value="write memory"/>

                      <Command Name="Version" Value="show version"/>