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    no alert on specific time. server internal error appear.


      Hi all,

      I am currently facing issue with there are no alert showing in webconsole on a specific time 4am . when this happening user will see internal iserver error msg on the webconsole.internal server error issue.

      so during this happening. we unable to add new widget.unable to show manages nodes.


      we have run configuration wizard but it seem only helping for some time. tomorrow it will be happening again.


      so we rebooted the db server and it solve. everyday we rebooted the db server in the morning to solve this issue. it not a permenant solution.


      inside orion sever event viewer. for today there are no new event generated.


      kindly anyone which have face this issue help me.


      user are getting upset and blaming on orion solarwinds. but why when reboot db sever issue is solve. and how to prove?