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    Windows Credential assigned to which node

    martian monster

      I am trying to figure out how to determine which Windows Credential is tied to which node. I found some old docs with some SWSQL queries but they are not working and I keep running into dead ends.   Thanks!

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          David Smith

          You would need to query the NodesSettings table to show which CredentialID is being used, and correlate that with the Credentials table. I’m not in front of my PC at the moment but will see if I can get a query together later if you still need it.

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            Full credit has to go to aLTeReGo for his Credentials Used By WMI Nodes report, and the SQL query from within it:


            SELECT Credential.Name, nodes.Caption, nodes.NodeID,

                   nodesettings.SettingName, NodeSettings.SettingValue

            FROM Nodes

            JOIN NodeSettings

              ON nodes.NodeID = Nodesettings.NodeID

            JOIN Credential  

              ON nodesettings.SettingValue = Credential.ID

            WHERE nodes.ObjectSubType = 'WMI'

            AND nodesettings.SettingName = 'WMICredential'

            ORDER BY Credential.Name, nodes.Caption, nodesettings.SettingValue


            Check out aLTeReGo's report, as this is probably what you are after.



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                Oh this might be helpful to see the usernames from the credentials groups above:


                /****** WMI Credentials - Group and usernames  ******/

                SELECT c.ID ,c.Name ,cp.Value

                       -- ,c.CredentialType  ,c.CredentialOwner ,cp.Name

                  FROM Credential c

                INNER JOIN CredentialProperty cp ON c.ID = cp.CredentialID

                WHERE c.CredentialOwner LIKE 'Orion'

                AND c.CredentialType LIKE 'SolarWinds.Orion.Core.SharedCredentials.Credentials.UsernamePasswordCredential'

                AND cp.Name LIKE 'Username'