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    Picking the right interfaces to monitor on Cisco routers


      First off, I'm not a networking expert, so apologies if this is a beginner question.  We have a number of Cisco routers in our environment, that have "active" interfaces showing:


      1)  "Serial0/2/0:1" and "Serial0/2/1:1", in addition to "T1 0/2/0" and "T1 0/2/1"

      These particular routers have bonded T1's.  Looking at the Orion statistics, the actual traffic is showing up on the Serial interfaces.  Am I duplicating the effort by also monitoring the T1 interfaces (which show 0% traffic, but are "green")?


      2)  NVI0 - NV0

      I'm not really sure what this is, or if I should be monitoring it.



      The reason that I'm asking this question is because my NPM license is approaching its limits, and I'm trying to make sure that I'm not monitoring anything unnecessarily.  Thanks for any input.