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    HP Procurve Switches - How to have Event List from switches show up in SolarWinds


      Have many HP Switches.   Solarwinds central console is monitoring all the resources on the switches.  Can access via SNMP no issues.   BUT the Event List from the switches do not show up in SolarWinds.   HP Aruba Switches have Event breakdown by: Error, Major, Warning, Info.  Would like to in one place (Solarwinds) see the events from the switches.   Especially of course the Warning/Major events.     Right now have to log into each switch and view events to see if a Warning/Major event occurred on the switch.     Auditing of the switch shows up, if I log in?  Don't know what Events is not showing up.


      Cannot figure how to get the events to show up.   Any information on accomplishing this would be great.


      Thank you.