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    Collector.Service Constant High CPU


      Need some info on where to look for reasons why the collector.service stays constantly at 80/90% cpu.

      When we perform monthly Windows patches/updates & reboot; it's good for about 2 to 4 days; then spikes up and stays at 80/90%.

      Memory doesn't spike, stays around 7Gb's of the 16 total.



      NPM v12.2

      One (1) Win2K12 Box, 6 Cores, 16Gb's RAM / Separate SQL

      NCM = 376 Nodes

      SAM = 477 Component Monitors

      NPM = 441 Interfaces

      IPAM = 6068 IP Addresses

      UDT = 12423 Ports

      Syslog = None

      NetFlow = None


      Things we've already done:

      If we stop/restart the service, it takes about 5 mins for CPU to get back up to max

      Tried this, with no results:  High CPU load in SolarWinds NPM service - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      Any help greatly appreciated....