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    Message submission rate is exceeded "WHD"


      hi everyone,


      Wishing you a good day, I configured action rules in WHD for sending email notifications to multiple people for example in one action rule I put 18 email addresses for receiving email notification related ticket, but when the rule triggers and system try to send email to the recipients in action rules I receives error for some recipients:

      421 4.4.2 message submission rate for this client has exceeded the configured limit

      I have checked through outlook by sending an email to multiple recipients but received no error related message submission rate, and in WHD as well the error is not maintaining a specific number of recipients, some time 5 emails send successfully some time 4 sometime less than that or sometime more than that send successfully, I have a question that if it is the problem of Exchange server then It should maintain a specific number for example 10 emails should send successfully and more than 10 will be rejected due message submission rate, and I should receive the same error for outlook as well if I try to send an email to multiple recipients, but the situation is different as I explained.



      Kindly explain that what is the issue behind that and how can I solved this issut.


      Thanks in advance