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    IPAM 4.6, how to exclude individual IPs from scanning.


      I have a specific /24 that we want scanned for almost all IPs. That scan is happening just as we expect.


      We have a few hosts on this subnet that we DO NOT want scanned, and one of our security folks has asked me to disable IP scanning for those hosts. I thought it would be simple when I realized that in the IP Address Properties I could edit was the "Scanning" attribute, which I set to "Off".



      However, for 2 of these devices, they're still being scanned, and Security would like to know why.  I am asking for confirmation that scanning has stopped for the other IPs FOR CERTAIN, but at the moment it seems like these two hosts are still scanning. Does this actually exempt an IP from scanning like I think it does, and is there anywhere else I should be looking?