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    Reports - how many tickes are assigned and open at the moment?




      I might I have read this question some time ago, but I can't find it again. So please allow me to ask the question again.


      Through "Advanced Search" I can get information how many tickets are open at the moment with each TechGroup. This is a good indicator of how busy the groups are at the moment or do we have an issue on our hand with a (large) backlog of open (wip, pending etc.) tickets.


      I would love to automate this process using reports in WHD, but it seems that is not possible. Again, I thought I was reading something about this in the past but I am not sure was it (and if yes - how) or was it not possible.


      Before I spent more time into this I was wondering if somebody else managed to find an automated way to get this information out of WHD.


      Thank you for your help.