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    Displaying custom Node properties within Interface (HTML)




      I'm new to SolarWinds and I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I couldn't locate this information after searching.


      I'd like to know if it's possible to pull in information from one object and have it be used in another object? For example, we have custom properties on both our nodes and interfaces. We are using HTML to build simple tables to list out that information.


      The problem is, we are currently duplicating this information by entering, say, circuit speed on both the Node and its individual interfaces.

      Is there a way to pull information from the node to the interface, or vice versa?


      I'm attaching some screenshots of our setup.


      At the moment, our Node has a custom property called I_CircuitSpeed and our interfaces have a different variable name for the same thing - I_ConnectionSpeed. I can't figure out how to get our table on the Interface page to just use the Node's I_CircuitSpeed value so that we don't have to enter it twice.


      Thank you kindly in advance for any guidance!