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    IPAM cannot add any comment information to the IPs in available status?


      I found IPAM(4.5.2) cannot add any information to the IPs which is in available status. Such as comments, alias, and other custom property fields. Is this normal?


      In daily work, a new system go to production. First, I must assign IP addresses to the system, then system administrator apply for resources, deploy applications and turn it online. So these IP addresses are not immediately connected to the network, and this period will often last several weeks or even months. For these IPs in this period, I need to add some comment information to prevent duplicate assignment. In this period IPAM detect these IPs are 'Available', it seem cannot add any comment information to these IPs.


      One of workaround is set these IPs to transient or reserved status, then add the comment information. But this workaround is not convenient, especially for a large number of IP addresses.


      Is there any good ideas?