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    Assigning new assets through tickets


      We are ramping up our use of the asset database and have started to assign our new assets through tickets. I have pre-loaded all of our new projectors for assignment in our asset database so when my tech needs to install a new projector, he can find his serial number in the database and attach it to his ticket.  We have found the way to link an asset to the ticket, but we are wondering if there is any way for the Location and Room assignment to populate itself from the information located in the ticket?  I've attached screenshots to help explain what I mean.


      Asset info on the ticket showing newly linked asset.

        Asset assignment on the ticket does not populate Location and Room


      Location and Room is already populated on the ticket details.  I want to pull this information from the ticket details over to the Asset info tab.


      Location and Room receiving the new asset are provided within the ticket.  Can we pull from these ticket fields to populate the asset assignment on the asset tab of the ticket?



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          That would be a great thing to have as we assign assets to certain people in different locations.  The only way I know how to change those is through editing the asset when it is assigned in the ticket.  Clicking the pencil will bring up the asset information.  In there you can edit the location and room then save at the bottom.  Hopefully this helps.