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    Adding resource to view "Report from Orion Report Writer" - can't see my report in the list of available reports.


      Hello Thwackers,


      I'm trying to add a resource to my 'Orion Summary Home' Summary view (i.e. the front page that the majority of folk see when they sign in) that displays a report that I wrote in Reports.



      I go to Manage Views, then edit the Orion Summary Home view, then add a resource to column 1, then find and select a resource called 'Report from Orion Report Writer'. Once I add the resource to the view,

      I can then edit the resource to choose the report I would like to display.



      The problem is that the list of available reports from the drop down, only seems to include reports that were written in the Report Writer application, rather than the reports that I have created in the Web Console myself.


      Does anyone know if it's possible to display reports that have been written in the Web Console? Perhaps there's another resource that I need to use that I'm missing?