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    Windows Update Information & OS Updates




      I would like to display the 'Windows Update Information' as well as 'Operating System Updates Applied' on the 'Asset Inventory' page.  I seem to be able to view this information on some servers but not on others; they all have OS updates applied so would have thought this information would have been picked up for all servers.


      Initially I thought this was because the server that it's working on is communicating on 'WMI and ICMP' whereas the other one is communicating on SNMP.  I changed the one using SNMP to use WMI and ICMP but this hasn't made any difference.


      Any help on this would be appreciated; thanks.


      Anita Roberts

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          The answer to this is that in order to see Windows Update Information you do have to communicate on WMI.  This is what I thought and I did try this, but what I didn't know is this information is only refreshed once every 24 hours....  So when I initially set my server to  WMI I kept refreshing for an hour or so and the Windows Update Information didn't appear so I thought there was an issue.


          If you want to see this type of info change your servers to use WMI and wait for 24 hours and all should be good.  Oh I noticed that when you change from SNMP to WMI that the resources that I had selected became deselected so I had to redo this.  Not sure if there is a quick way to do this but if I decide to change all my servers to WMI it will take a long time as we have hundreds.