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    Long Running Query -- Very Slow Page Loads


      I've noticed several issues since one of my recent upgrades, and sadly my experience with support has been very frustrating. Two issues that I seem to running into are:


      • Sometimes pages will take very long to load, sometimes they will just error out. Restarting the Orion services on the main poller resolves it. But it reoccurs.
      • The Orion Module Engine service randomly crashes with a .Net exception logged in the application event log.


      Regarding the page loading issues, I founded that in the OrionWeb.log I see instances of this when the pages have trouble loading:


      (8) WARN  SolarWinds.InformationService.Contract2.InfoServiceProxy - (null)  Support! -- LONG RUNNING QUERY: 872928.0327 ms: SELECT LicenseName

      , LicenseType

      , LicenseKey

      , ToUtc(LicenseExpiresOn) as LicenseExpiration

      , ToUtc(MaintenanceExpiresOn) as MaintenanceExpiration

      , ProductName

      FROM Orion.Licensing.Licenses RETURN XML RAW


      On the surface that would seem like a pretty basic query. Any ideas on what I should be looking at here?