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    Issue with Netpath


      Hi Folks


      I have an issue with Netpath

      We where trying to do some base-lining after setting up some agents in a few places i our network.

      We became somewhat concerned when we saw the last section of the Netpath (See attachment).

      But when we tried ti TCPing the same service on the same server from the same Client we got a more expected result. (Se attachment)


      Does anyone know what can cause this ??

      Does anybody know how Netpath get the latency between the nodes, does it do traceroute for the nodes up to the service and then a syn packet for the ip and service port.


      I am just trying to make sense of these results, right now it seems like netpath is giving wrong results and that means that we cant use Netpath for base-lining our links from our satellite offices.

      Hope you can help


      Regards Jens