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    AppInsight for SQL application status on a Failover Cluster Instance


      I have configured AppInsight for SQL to monitor two of our Failover Cluster Instances (FCI's).  These FCI's comprise of two nodes, 01a and 01b, connected to a common LUN (network storage space).  The sql server agent and sql server service will be running on whichever node is active, and stopped on the other node. 


      Why would application availability appear as "Critical" on a clustered instance?  The other standalone instance we have also shows application availability as "Critical", so is this a bug in AppInsight for SQL?





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          leigham martin



          Your SQL Server can show critical status in SolarWinds if one of the metrics breaches the default threshold.


          For example, i have a SQL Server Instance monitored by SolarWinds but is showing critical because the Lock Requests/sec is showing Red.



          This would then send the top level of the monitor to red.


          I believe you can adjust these so that it doesn't show the worst status, so would just be a warning status if you have a critical metric such as locks or latches.




          If you are monitoring a SQL Server cluster you should be monitoring the SQL Server Instance Cluster Resource address and not monitoring SQL Server via individual nodes.


          This is so that if your cluster fails over to the other node the IP address of the instance resources within the cluster manager will never change, if you monitor the Instance specific to the node then when it fails over it will say SQL Server is down because its not running on the individual node your monitoring.


          I hope that covers your query.