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    Get SNMP value and parse it


      Our CacheFlow servers has an OID ( that contains the release date of the AV pattern and I am trying to parse this into Orion either by UnDP or SAM.


      The problem is if you view the results it shows as 'á' in the MIB Browser in NPM Npde Details or SAM SNMP Component.


      However if you do a SNMPWalk from the Orion server the OID in question is actually 07E2030D130235002B0000


      This breaks down to

      07E2 = 2018

      03 = 03 (March)

      0D = 13

      13 = 19

      02 = 02

      35 = 53

      00 = 00

      2B = +



      I need to see if any of the SolarWinds products can retrieve the HEX string w/o sampling it. I then want to parse it so I can convert the result to a human readable date and time.


      Any ideas?