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    Embed open ticket in a web form


      How can I embed the open ticket form on an external web page?

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          When you say “external web page”, I assume that you mean a web page on a public-facing website. If so, there are a few security considerations that you'll want to address.

          Security Concerns

          1. The standard configuration is the Application server in the DMZ, and the Database Server behind a firewall. To reduce the attack surface, we recommend the SolarWinds WHD Virtual Appliance (VA).
          2. To prevent transmitting usernames/passwords over plain text, you’ll need to Force SSL and encrypt the web connection with an SSL certificate.

          3. To prevent transmitting SQL query results over plaint text, you’ll need to ForceEncryption and secure the connection between the application and the database with an SSL certificate.

          With regard to embedding the Help Request page elements into a separate website, the best way to accomplish this objective is with the REST API. This will require development.


          You can find more information here:
          Web Help Desk REST API Guide

          Alternatively, there are other methods that will achieve a similar result.

          HTML iframe


          You can embed the entire Web Help Desk Client Portal into a web page by nesting the Login URL in an HTML iframe.

          <iframe src="https://www.helpdesk.company.com"></iframe>

          Web Parts


          The Web Parts app in Microsoft SharePoint Online will accomplish the same objective.

          Web Forms

          You can use a form builder in WordPress or Joomla to create a standard web form. The client will complete and submit the web form. The web form will send the data to email. Web Help Desk will convert the email to a ticket.

          Hope this helps.



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