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    Table for Switch Node Downtime


      I created an SWQL query which I wanted to share with the community.   This table will populate once a node status is Down and then give some information which is useful to troubleshoot or email a group as per a notification.  If you have a custom property which is desired to be used as a column, this use this line code and replace the word "Name" with your custom name:  Nodes.Customproperties.Namet As [Name]


      Here is the code:





      SELECT '' as Status, '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_Status], '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + ' ' + StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_Node Name],

      Nodes.NodeName AS Node,
      Nodes.DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_Node],

      CONCAT( ( MINUTEDIFF(T1.DownTime, GetDate())/1440) ,'d ',(( MINUTEDIFF(T1.DownTime, GetDate())/60)%24), 'h ' , (MINUTEDIFF(T1.DownTime, GetDate()) %60), 'm') as Duration,




      T1.DownTime as [Down Since],

      LASTBOOT FROM (SELECT MAX(tolocal(EventTime)) AS DownTime,

      FROM Orion.Events

          WHERE (EventType = 1)

          AND (NetObjectType = 'N')

          GROUP BY NetObjectID, NetworkNode)

          AS T1 INNER JOIN Orion.Nodes

          ON T1.NetworkNode = Nodes.NodeID

          WHERE Nodes.Status <> '1'

          ORDER BY [DownTime] DESC,


          T1.DownTime ASC,