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    Application Communication Encryption/Authentication


      Hi All, we are currently in process of moving application to the cloud.  I have been asked to provide encryption  (TLS/SSL/SHA1 AES ect..) and authentication (AD, Local, WIndows, not authenticated) for all application flows residing on the network via SolarWinds Orion.   For the most part I am all good.  As an example


      Protocol                                  Encryption              Auth

      ICMP                                      N/A                         N/A

      SNMP                                    SHA1 AES 128      Local ID/Password

      Agent                                     TLS 1.2                  Self Signed Certificate


      My primary question is related to the application communication flow 17777, 17778


      SWIS 17777/17778                ?                             ?

      Syslog:514                              ?                            ?


      Ive reviewed the various port/firewall documents.   While these are great and were used extensively in the past, it does not provide the proper amount of detail required.    Does anyone have a link/doc in which the interworkings of the application network flows explain the potential authentication/encryption ?