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    Asset/Inventory and Contract Management Tips


      My company is looking into doing a better job at parts inventory, asset, and contract management, and since we are already using WHD for support, we want to keep everything centralized. Since I've been the lead (and pretty much only) WHD admin, I've been tasked with figuring out the best way(s) to do this. I'm new to this so I was hoping you folks might have some tips/tricks/advice to help.


      We currently have about 5000 assets recorded, but we need to do a full audit and may just start mostly from scratch because previously we weren't really using the tool, and we definitely never updated items when they moved location or were retired. We own over 1000 fast food locations throughout the country so there are MANY assets and contracts that need to be tracked because we've run into issues like paying for 2 different phone accounts for a location that is actually only using 1 of them.


      • Have any of you implemented full asset management through WHD?
      • Same question but for contract management?
      • Pros/Cons?
      • Tips on the best way to go about it?
      • Willing to share your asset list and parts inventory for reference?
      • How do you handle physical assets vs virtual ones (e.g., telecom accounts)?
      • Do you record virtual assets like account numbers at all or keep that only within contract management?
      • How often do you do audits of your assets, parts, and contracts?



      Any advice is greatly appreciated. I've never really been in an analyst role before, and I'm the only person in our company taking on billing analysis, contract management, asset and inventory management, etc. as well as continuing to be the WHD admin and handling reporting/data mining and analysis so I feel a bit overwhelmed right now.


      Thanks in advance!