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    Every ticket ever is showing in our queue


      Early this morning I check on our requests and it showed around 65 open requests for our IT dept. I just got back from lunch because my staff were calling me saying ALL tickets are showing up. Our queue went from 65 to 16,571 - so all tickets open or closed are showing up. From my knowledge, no one has touched anything on the back end.


      Has anyone seen anything like this and can point me in the direction to find a fix?

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          If the incremental ticket count was up to 17924 with 65 tickets open, then I can make and educated guess as to what caused the problem.


          An Admin or Technician must have completed a search of all Closed tickets. The person (Unknown Subject) then selected all tickets (Shift + Click). Then the Unsub used the Bulk Action tool to change the status of every closed ticket to open.


          This is not a bug in Web Help Desk. And I highly doubt this would be caused by any hiccup in the database. This would have to be accidental or malicious activity.

          The good news is it can be easily reversed.


          To fix the problem, you'll need to search for all open tickets that were updated at the time of the problem.


          These tickets should all have about the same date/time timestamp.


          To reverse the process, you can select all of the tickets using Shift + Click and then use the Bulk Action tool to change the status of every open ticket to closed.


          Finally, this may also be a good time to consider configuring Tech Permissions to limit access based on the role of each Technician.

          The following permission should be restricted:


          Other's Ticket Status Edit permission.

          Setup > Techs > Tech Permission > Other's Ticket Status Edit

          Other's Ticket Status Edit

          If checked, the Tech may change the Status of Tickets assigned to other Techs.


          Hope this helps.



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