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    SolarWinds Needs Your MIB Walks - Cisco UCS Edition


      The SAM engineering team is currently researching Cisco UCS Monitoring, but we need your help. There are numerous different models and countless hardware configuration variations and there's simply no way SolarWinds can test them all without your help.


      We're currently seeking volunteers willing to perform SNMP MIB walks against their Cisco UCS chassis. These MIB walks will be used internally for research and validation purposes exclusively. As we get closer to development, these will also ensure that any UCS hardware monitoring features developed will work properly with your servers! If you have Cisco UCS equipment in your environment and would like to see improvements in Orion's UCS monitoring, we strongly encourage your participation.


      What we need:  An SNMP MIB walk using the tool provided from any/all your Cisco UCS chassi(s). That's right! If you have multiple UCS Chassis, we would welcome MIB walks from each of them.  The tool is fairly simple and straightforward to use. Enter the IP address of the Server running the agent as well as the community string and click "scan".


      Alternate method: If you'd prefer to use NET-SNMP instead of the tool provided above you can download and install NET-SNMP from http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/

      • Win32 binaries are available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/net-snmp/files/net-snmp%20binaries/5.5-binaries/net-snmp-5.5.0-1.x86.exe/download

      • Run this command from “installation directory/bin/”: snmpwalk -v 2c -c public -O netU 1 > output.txt
      (change the IP address and community string accordingly, and don’t forget there is 1 after IP address. It means it will scan whole SNMP tree)


      What Now: Both methods will generate a single file per server containing a complete MIB walk of the device. We recommend naming this file the model of the UCS chassis that was scanned. For example "UCS5108.txt".


      These files can then be posted here in this thread in response to this posting as an attachment. If you're concerned about the potentially sensitive information contained in the MIB file I recommend zipping the files and password protecting them before posting. You can then PM me the password. All posted MIB walks in this thread will be deleted after being collected.


      Alternatively, if you're not comfortable posting the MIB walks here or if they're too large, please PM me and I'll provide you instructions for sending them to me directly or you can email them directly to me at the email address below. The more people who participate, and the more UCS chassis we receive MIB Walks for, the more likely we will be able to deliver improvements to Orion's UCS monitoring capabilities. We encourage everyone who owns a Cisco UCS chassis to participate and appreciate your willingness to help.