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    5 minute polling interval question


      Hello everyone!


      When a poll occurs every 5 minutes (300 seconds) by SW Orion agent on the Windows VM (Win 2012 R2), does this take the average stats (CPU, Memory, Network, etc.) of the previous 299 seconds (approximately) and send this to the Orion server? 


      I was told by someone that the moment the polling occurs, it only captures the metrics at that moment - which sounds incorrect to me because why ignore the previous 299 seconds and only log the 1 second the poll occurs? What if the CPU was pegged at 100% for 299 seconds and then dropped to 1% at the 300th second when the poll occurred; that would mean that it would have only seen the 1% CPU utilization?  I wouldn't think so.


      Please enlighten me on how this works exactly and exactly what is captured during the poll. 



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          Leon Adato

          The short answer is "it depends".


          The medium answer is:


          WHen you pull stats every 5 min, you are getting the stats at that moment. Those stats are then averaged when we do summarization (minute-ly stats to hourly every week, hourly to daily every month, etc)


          However, in each specific case, you need to have a sense of what stats we're pulling. Ping is ping at that moment. CPU is the 15-min average (unless you change it), so you're getting the system's averaging of 15 min CPU stats, which is captured as the CPU stat for that point-in-time.

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              Thanks for the Reply Leon.


              Just to be sure I'm understanding this correctly, if the poll takes 2 seconds and captures the system performance during that time, and if the poll interval is 5 minutes, it has no idea on the specifics of the previous 298 seconds correct?


              So if the CPU is 100% for 298 seconds, and then idles at 5% for the final 2 seconds the poll happen (I know this is an extreme example, but just bare with me:)), SW only see the 5% CPU utilization and has no idea that the system was pegged for 298 seconds before that? 


              I do see your point of the 15 minutes average, but technically SW us only aware of those short seconds in 3 different polls throughout that 15 minutes.