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    Node without disk Report


      Good Day,


      Is there a way to make a report to get all node (linux & Windows server) that don't have the Disk\storage managed or just don't see the storage at all? I know that some folks already ask the questions but i didn't find a good response so far.


      To put you in the context, i got over 5000 nodes managed that has been add in large batch (Not my decision by the way lol). There is more to come soon . So now i am in charge of finding the guilty server that don't have HDD manage because either the disk has not been selected when import or the SNMP config is wrong so is basically just ping the server and you don't see any hardware or HDD. Both Linux & Windows is affect by this and the management want this report for yesterday like 99% of the time . Since i am not a expert on MS SQL query i take a chance to ask the community to see if someone have a idea. So is there anyone else here that find a cure to this plague?


      Thank you and have a great day