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    Always email client


      The other day a client emailed saying the only correspondence they received was when the ticket was closed.

      Seems they received the first tech note but then none after.


      A few questions...


      save button and the save and email button.

      If the client tick for recipient is not ticked. then, send and email is pressed. What will happen?


      what setting can be applied so a client by default will always receive a message?


      i get the feeling the client recipient tick is a per ticket thing. If I’m ticked it will remain I’m ticked. is this correct?


      There is a mail symbol next to the actions summary if an email is sent... if you press the send button next to the created note later, no email symbol appears in the actions - ask if this need clarifying further.



      In short all notes should be sent be sent to clients unless a one off option is hit to not do so.


      Any help mich appreciated.