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    SQL Job Threshold Alert


      I am trying to setup SQL Job Threshold Alert. We have a job in SQL that get stuck in loop we need to get notified if it running longer then normal.

      Attached is my setup for the alert Added SQL Server and SQL Job to monitor. Next step I am no 100% sure we exactly you set the threshold alert.


      I used the condition must exist for 25 minutes but I am not getting any alerts.


      Thank you

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          David Smith

          Hi malvarkie I suspect you will need to add an extra trigger condition of "Last Run Duration is greater than" and specify the time threshold you want to be notified if it breaches. My only concern would be that the information being pulled by AppInsight isn't live and I am not even sure it calculates until the job has completed, but I don't know that for sure. I've never had a job that takes long enough for me to test that. I would start with the above trigger (and remove the 25-minute wait) and see what alerts that would potentially trigger. Please do let me know how you get on.

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              Hi David


              I would need to add extra trigger as you mentioned Last Run Duration because if I leave it was it is and remove the 25 minutes it will not alert me on threshold. I am also not sure if Last Run Duration is live or not.


              Added the Last Run Duration to 600 second = 10 minutes just to test.


              I will keep you updated with this. Thx David