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    Is it possible to merge existing views in to a NOC screen rotation?


      Hi All,


      You create a new view and it is assigned a view id.

      Later on you add a second tab to that view, that second tab although linked to that first viewid via tabs actually gets its own individual view id.

      You then enable NOC and it rotates, just adding &isnocview=true without enabling NOC mode just removes the menu from the top but is not enough to have it rotate between screens.


      The issue I'm seeing is, you then think it would be great to merge in an existing separate view in to this NOC page as a third or fourth tab, so that it can be included in the rotation for instance. It does not appear possible through the GUI at this time without recreating this page to be added from scratch. Has anyone found an easy way to workaround this actually within SolarWinds - other than the Revolver add-on in Chrome cycling between various tabs?


      Thank you