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    Polling time is in the future


      Hey all,


         So we have pollers in various countries and the main poller in Colorado. Our issue ( mostly with SNMPV3 on our unix servers), is that it says the next polling time is in the future. We noticed that they all have the same 2 issues and it is based on where the poller is timezone wise. So basically if  a node is in the US, but the poller is in Germany, the UTC time can be 7 hours difference, or if it is in our asian poller 14 hours difference. Our current thought is to set all the clocks on all the pollers, regardless of location to MDT. We have experimented with moving those nodes back to our Colorado poller and boom the time seems to fix itself, but moving them back to the other pollers restarts the issue. Any thoughts that are better than this?

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          The recommendation for SQL and pollers is:

          Set the time zone on all main and additional polling engines and websites to be the same as the time zone on the SQL Server.

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              Is there a current feature request to get Solarwinds to be browser aware when users access the web console? I have 20 polling engines, 1/3 of which are in different timezones than the primary poller. As such, the times are inconsistent depending upon which data you are viewing in the web ui. It is very confusing for those that don't understand the UTC is set for all our pollers and database. I also have additional web servers, which are set to UTC timezone.


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