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    Creating Custom views for multiple servers running the same application


      Sorry new to this but I'm having a time trying to figure out how to go about setting up a view or multiple views to do see certain counters from a application monitor from multiple servers.


      I'll try to explain it more with this example:   memcached application monitor on servers A, B & C


      I want a view that I can bring up (possibly from a menu bar) that show all 3 servers with say Memory Usage, Missed gets, Evictions as examples for all 3 so I can quickly compare how each server is preforming.   Not looking for alerts or anything just a performance type view based on a single application that contains the informtion form multiple servers\devices.   Is there a class or documentation on how to go about doing this ?


      It seems that several views might be needed where 1 view (detail) would be embedded into another view (summary).  But I'm just really not sure on how the structure is setup.